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WELCOME TO MY PAGE hi I'm Elaine I love GOD I love Justin Bieber I love SHINEE I love F(x) I love K-pop I love my friends and my family I'm just an ordinary girl with an awesome life

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animal panties by knickerocker!

Gimme gimme gimme!!!!!

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Each year, during the La Scala Flower Festival, about 2,000 potted plants and flowers of different shades and colors are arranged on the historic Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte to create one grand design.

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Confessions is a public art project that invites people to anonymously share their confessions and see the confessions of the people around them in the heart of the Las Vegas strip.

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"So please ask yourself: What would I do if I weren’t afraid? And then go do it."

Sheryl Sandberg (Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead)

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